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Jigsaw Mats

5 Reasons why you need Jigsaw Flooring Mats for Martial Arts

Martial arts have been around since the mid 19th century as a modern sport and progressed on a global scale rapidly. Originally stemming back to the combat actions in Europe in the early 1550s and then branching off to places such as East Asia and adapting fighting techniques of different cultures. From the early days to today’s modern world, martial arts has grown to include many different facets and become a sport for the young and old.

Including techniques such as taught within Karate, Judo, Jujutsu, wrestling, Muay Thai, and many more variations, there is often little to no equipment used in these sports. The focus being on self-defense, mental development, balance, speed, and power; the original teachers taught these skills by just using their body as a weapon.

Many of the movements would involve throwing the opponent onto the floor or grappling on the ground to achieve dominance and victory. From the ancient Japanese days until now, a cushioned style matting has always been a popular option used by fighters while in training and competition to reduce the impact on the body and absorb shock.

The most popular matting used today for martial arts is the Tatami Mat. Originally designed for only those who held high authority and used as a sleeping mat, today this mat has been modified and adapted to be the most supportive surface available for sports that involve tumbling, fighting and grappling.

Here at Dynamo Fitness we only stock the strongest and most durable of Tatami Jigsaw Flooring Mats and gym equipment to ensure our users have the best possible experience in their preferred sport. Our mats are constructed of the best quality Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) and have been tried and tested as a shock absorber to achieve the perfect density. EVA can be created in different grades to achieve different results, and poor quality manufacturing can result in inconsistencies throughout the mats cushioning effect. Therefore we pride ourselves in ensuring our mats are all created to the highest quality from beginning to end to ensure the perfect finishing result.

Tatami Jigsaw Flooring Mats are known for their ribbed finish on the surface, this is used as a gripping method for bare feet. Whether an athlete would be pushing his heal into the mat or light on his feet ready to strike, the ribbed surface assists as a stabilizer to keep the athlete sturdy. Our Tatami mats feature a two-way ribbed surface to provide the best possible anchoring for the user. With larger wave-like ribbing running along the surface of the mat and smaller ribbing also running adjacent, our Tatami mats are top of the range when it comes to user support.

Simple and easy to install is key to any flooring material and the Tatami mat should be no exception. Our mats feature an interlocking jigsaw pattern along all four edges. This means no matter how big or small your floor space is; these mats can continually interlock to provide a sleek finish. The outer edges are also encompassed with a strong secure frame-like design for the outskirts of the laid flooring, designed to complete the look with a smooth finish. Available with different colour options on either side, the flooring design options are endless in creating your own feature look.

Longevity is crucial with all our products at Dynamo Fitness and this is why we have our Tatami Mats precision cut to ensure the perfect interlocking effect is achieved. With this accurate cutting, all interlocking edges are held securely in place and complete a perfect lock without gaps. Completely eliminating the need to use adhesives such as glue to keep secure.

With minimal maintenance required, Tatami mats are the perfect option for home use, studios, and gyms. Simply using a little warm water and a mop or towel to clean off any sweat residue or dust after use will keep your mats in an ideal condition. If after prolonged use there are tares or marks (such as from clothing zippers or use with shoes on) that are not appealing to the eye, simply flip your mat over to the opposite side for a brand new finish.

Here at Dynamo Fitness, we know our mats can be used for a range of different activities such as martial arts, gymnastics, children’s playrooms, and the like. This is why we supply two different thicknesses, 20mm and 40mm. Both thicknesses are precision cut 1meter by 1meter and are available in blue/ red and black/ yellow. The 20mm weighing in at 1.7KG and 40mm at 3.4kg, these mats ensure a sturdy foundation for numerous actives.

40mm Tatami Interlocking Gym Tiles Blue/Red

From stemming back to the more primitive years into our modern society, Tatami mats have been around for generations and have slowly been modified to suit the training and lifestyles of today’s society. We here at Dynamo Fitness Equipment encourage all who are looking into flooring for different sporting activities to try our impressive range of high-quality mats including the Reeplex Jigsaw Flooring Mats. With the trusted brand Reeplex always providing quality products and the service of our knowledgeable staff, there is no better place to go for all your flooring needs. With competitive prices and delivery options check out our website or come in-store today.

Want to buy the best-quality gym equipment? Why not visit us at our three stores across Australia in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne. Our staff is on hand to help you with any questions. Can’t make it in-store? Then contact us today, and we will answer any enquiry within 24 hours.

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