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Pregnancy & Fitness

Pregnancy is a beautiful gift and is a time where the body goes through a roller coaster of changes. As we go through the trimesters we change in shape and this can be quite a shock to the system as we watch our body grow wider and rounder. Not only do we now have a growing bump growing larger every day, but our body is dealing with fluid retention and swelling everywhere we don’t want it. So what does exercise have to do with this?

Science has proven that physical activity while pregnant can reduce back pain, constipation, bloating, and gestational diabetes. But with this ever-growing baby bump it can hard to find the motivation to go for a walk or visit the gym. Not to mention the need to be careful as to what movements are safe for mother and baby. Looking for an impact reduced cardiovascular exercise that will help promote good health, many mothers find the cross trainer to be there favourite during and post pregnancy.

This machine is designed in a way that your feet always stay on the foot pedals and your body never has to deal with the jolting of traditional jogging. The foot pedal width is generally at a reasonable size reducing the lateral shifting of the hips during the stride revolution making for a more comfortable movement and reducing the pressure on the pelvic floor. Most modern cross trainers have the option to control resistance and speed during the whole work out.

Having not just the feet anchored but also the supporting hand rests for the upper body, gives the whole body the feeling of stability and comfort while enduring an aerobic workout. As pregnancy causes your balance to be disturbed it is recommended to always use caution while exercising and look for alternatives such as the cross trainer. While you are exercising in an upright position this can help queue your posture to a natural spinal position as this low impact exercise alternative minimises the stress to the hips, knees, and ankles.

Here at Dynamo Fitness we have a range of cross trainer that will help target your fitness goals and needs. Personally, I am drawn to the E60 Spin-fit cross trainer by Sportop as my preferred option for pregnancy and post pregnancy workouts. As it is designed with 4 adjustable stride lengths to help position the hips in the most comfortable position during the workout this will help reduce any extra stress to the pelvis and your growing little one. Also, with the ergonomic multi- grip handles and the diversity of 16 levels of resistance this machine is just what you need to help improve your health and will prove just as beneficial as your body restores to its prenatal state.

Remember to always consult your health care professional before undertaking any new exercise programs.