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The Ultimate Bench Press Buyers Guide – Incline, Decline, or Flat?

The bench press is an important piece of gym equipment. If you utilise weights, you’ll need a bench press for whatever objective you’re pursuing. While standing allows you to execute a variety of workouts, benches allow you to do even more. Your workout will be a lot more productive and fun if you use a decent bench press. The improper bench, on the other hand, might make your workout unpleasant, frustrating, and even deadly. With so many various types of bench presses to select from, deciding which one is best for you might be difficult. This article will assist you in selecting the best bench for your specific requirements.

The Fundamentals

You’d undoubtedly receive varied replies if you asked everyone at your local gym which choice is best: incline, decline, or flat bench presses. This can be perplexing and annoying, and it won’t help you decide which option is best for you. To make an informed decision, you must first learn more about how this gym equipment operates and what it is designed to accomplish.

The bench press is a chest exercise targeting the major and minor muscles of the pectoralis. You’ll be working out these muscles as well as others when you execute any kind of bench press workout. Other muscles will be worked as well, such as your anterior deltoids and triceps, but the major focus will be on your chest. Finally, you must choose which portion of the pectoral muscles you want to target and how each choice – inclination, decline, or flat bench – may assist you in doing so.

Our full line of Bench Press

Inclined bench press:

Inclined Bench Press

The inclined bench press may be sloped between 15 and 50 degrees, and it is well-known for experimenting with exercises that target difficult-to-reach muscle regions. The top half of the pectoral muscles are targeted with the incline bench press. An incline bench press allows you to work on the clavicular head, a small component of the chest muscles. Nevertheless, the incline bench press places a lot of strain and weight on the shoulders. This is why it’s critical to utilise a dependable bench press like the Reeplex Commercial Incline Bench Press. It is a flexible tool that has a Premium protective coating for anti-rust preservation, weight plate holding on both sides, and seat customisation for users of varying heights. Adjusting the angle or lowering some of the weight might help relieve tension. If you have shoulder problems, you should avoid doing the incline bench press since it will aggravate them.

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Decline Bench Press:

Decline Bench Press

This is a bench press that can be adjusted from 15 to 30 degrees. The bench press aids in the concentration of an exercise that targets the lower pectoral muscles. You can lift significantly bigger weights with this bench press since it distributes weight evenly. It is a good bench press for people who have shoulder issues since it does not put too much strain on the shoulders. Therefore, you should only do any bench press once you have dealt with your ailments. The Reeplex commercial decline bench press is an excellent choice as it has a commercial 600kg weight capacity, high-density upholstery with anti-rip double stitching, and a professional 100x50mmx3mm steel heavy-duty frame.

Flat Bench Press:

Flat Bench Press

This is common in both home and commercial gym equipment. It’s a less flexible piece of equipment, but it lets you do workouts that improve muscle activation. The triceps and deltoids are targeted with this bench press. The Reeplex Commercial Flat Bench Press is an excellent choice since it has Olympic plate holders on both sides, dual barbell racks for different heights, and anti-slip rubber footplates. Furthermore, it is an excellent piece of strength training equipment. It is ideal for athletic endeavours such as powerlifting and is also relatively inexpensive.

(FID) adjustable benches:

(FID) Adjustable Benches

FID benches are another name for adjustable benches. This acronym stands for flat, inclination, and descent. You may adjust the angle of the backrest to engage your muscles from various angles, as the name implies. The RWB190R Squat Rack / Weight Bench 4in1 is the perfect squat rack/bench press as it has a free-standing squatting rack, an FID customisable bench with a preacher cushion, and two pulley systems. It has a 7-foot chrome barbell with two spring clips and accepts Olympian and standard weight plates. Modern FID benches also feature adjustable seats to prevent you from sliding off the bench when the backrest is tilted sharply. The ability to adjust the backrest angle greatly expands the number of workouts you can perform on your weight bench.

Ultimately, your training goals will determine which equipment is appropriate for you. It is recommended that you connect with Dynamo Fitness for expert assistance. We are Australia’s top provider of high-quality exercise equipment and can easily assist you in obtaining the correct equipment for you.

Why not visit us at our three stores across Australia in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne. Our staff is on hand to help you with any questions. Can’t make it in-store? Then contact us today, and we will answer any enquiry within 24 hours.

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