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Top 5 Benefits of Using a Smith Machine – Dynamo Fitness

Smith Machines have been around in the fitness industry for a while now and have grown in popularity over the years. They are reliable and easy-to-use pieces of gym equipment.

Whether you are looking at packing some muscle on, losing those love handles, or just maintaining a good level of fitness, Smith Machines are excellent for developing strength and giving you a great physique.

Smith Machines come with a multitude of benefits and can replace many types of exercise equipment. So, it’s no wonder their demand has increased among people looking to train from home without a lot of big bulky machines taking over their houses and living areas.

Let’s look into the top five benefits of using a Smith Machine for a total body workout.

What is a Smith Machine?

A Smith Machine is a versatile piece of gym equipment. It allows for a wide range of exercise options to be performed in a safe and controlled manner. The machine consists of a barbell that is fixed within steel guide rails, allowing the barbell to move only vertically.

This unique design allows for increased safety and stability, making it a great option for a variety of users to safely lift the weight, including beginners and experienced weightlifters.

1: A Complete All-In-1 Machine – Ultimate Strength Equipment

A good quality Smith Machine has the ability to replace many pieces of exercise equipment, saving you money, time, and space. Smith Machines will generally come with an adjustable bench, lateral pulldown attachments, and a back row attachment, with a cable crossover as a bonus.

Using these attachments and bench you’re able to target nearly every muscle group in your upper body. This combined with a Smith system with linear bearing means you have a total upper and lower body exercise machine.

Check out our Reeplex Commercial Linear Bearing Smith Machine.

2: Support for Squatting

People perform this exercise in every gym, and we have long known that squatting is an essential exercise that can build great, toned legs and improve overall fitness and strength.

For those with bad knees or a recent injury, squatting can sometimes prove to be a painful exercise to perform, and this is where the Smith Machine comes in.

The mechanics of a Smith Machine allow you to move a barbell attached to two guide poles using a linear bearing system. The barbell is supported in two plains, vertical and horizontal.

Confused? Let me explain: when you squat the barbell moves up and down the guide poles to ensure the barbell and your body remain in a straight up-and-down movement, without twisting or bending.

This added support allows you to have a stable squat movement reducing pressure on your knees, back, and joints.

The Smith Machine supports you in the squat position, allowing you to concentrate on completing the exercise rather than worrying about the bar falling onto you or twisting the wrong way.

3: Rack The Bar at Any Stage of The Exercise

A Smith Machine barbell has two hooks permanently attached to it. People use these hooks to support the barbell on guide rods that attach to the machine.

When you are not exercising the hooks sit on the guide rods and support the weight of the barbell, allowing you to rest in between sets.

When performing an exercise it is important to push your muscle to maximum effort (without injuring yourself). This will create micro-tears in the muscle, and when you rest the body rebuilds the tears and builds extra muscle fibers, thus making you stronger.

A Smith Machine allows you to push yourself until failure, which is what you want in order to maximize growth, strength, and fat burning.

Once you reach that last rep a simple twist of the wrist will allow you to hook the bar onto the guide rods and the weight is then supported, allowing you to rest.

4: No Ropes + No Pulleys = No Problem

A Smith Machine works on very basic mechanical principles by using the weight on the barbell and simple gravity to perform different exercise variations.

The benefit of this is you don’t require the complicated pulleys, cables, or other components found in a typical home gym.

The elimination of these components makes a Smith Machine easier to use and reduces the need to replace any broken cables or pulleys.

That being said, a good quality Smith Machine will come with a form of cable crossover or pulley system; don’t let this put you off as generally the cable system on these machines is simplified and built with quality.

5: A Good Fitness Investment

Finally, a Smith Machine is a fantastic fitness investment. If you are looking to buy Smith Machines for use in your home, you will be purchasing a machine that can replace up to ten different pieces of fitness equipment, all in one compact machine. Think of the time and money, along with storage space, it can save you!

Using Smith Machines has many other benefits that we could mention, but here is simply the top 5.

So get out there, set yourself goals and work towards achieving them using a Smith Machine. Results can take time, but training with a Smith Machine will ensure you can train hard every time, and hard work = results!

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We don’t just stop at selling you the equipment, we also offer a complete gym accessory package, setup installation, and after-sales service to ensure that you have the best experience possible with your new Smith Machine.

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